Laura Wade’s Alice

Northern Stage 2, 24th-26th February 2014

A Newcastle University Theatre Society production of Laura Wade’s Alice is a telling of Alice in Wonderland like no other. Join Alice as she is confounded by the characters of wonderland, who help her along with their own brand of unusual.

Alice Little hasn’t left the house in two weeks. Grieving for her brother Joe, she finds herself in the strangest place at the most inconvenient moment possible. Fantasy and reality blur together in a thought-provoking, side-tickling maelstrom. Grief doesn’t always have to be so bleak.

Directed by Alexandra Phillips & Daniel Galvin
Produced by Chloe Simpson

Stage Manager – Amy Bennett
Technical Director – Matt Edwards
Technical Assistant – Alex Duncan

Alice – Esther Fearn
Joseph Little/ White Rabbit – Joseph Sample
Susanne Little/Queen of Hearts – Rosie Whisenant
Mr. Little/ King of Hearts – Frederic Hutchinson
Auntie Little/ Duchess of Hearts/Mock Turtle – Megan Hindle
Uncle Little/Cook/Gryphon – Adam Stubbs
Len/Mad Hatter – Danny Stones
Jim/March Hare – Nicholas Pople
Funeral Guest/Roger/Dormouse – Kathryn Norton
Cousin Little/Cheshire Cat – Christopher Owen
Knave of Hearts – Harriet Coates
Tom/Tweedledum – Rachel Smith
Dan/Tweedledee – Kate Beckwith
Grandpa Little/Caterpillar – Jack Hewitt
Teacher/Humpty Dumpty – Charlotte Gower
Waitress/Postman – Hannah Goring
Funeral Guest/Ms. Flamingo/Girl – Beatrice Henderson
Funeral Guest/Golden Hedgehog/Boy – William Pryce

Tickets: £6 conc./£9
Recommended age: 14+

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