Chugger by Dale J. Pearson
Northern Stage, 25th-27th February 2013

Have you got a minute? Just a minute? To chat? Just to chat about the work we’re doing? If you could stop poverty, would you stop it? What about famine? Or drought? Would you put an end to it? Well how about the aged? Or the tigers? Or the whales? Would you save the whales? I bet you’d save the whales if you could. So…£3 a month, shall we say? £3 a month?

Welcome to the world of charity mugging. Guilt is currency. Compassion is for hire. And targets are everything.

Dark, satirical and hilarious, Chugger is a gripping new play about the people who pull heartstrings for a living.

Directed by Dale. J. Pearson & Jacob Ward
Produced by Ellie Claughton

Stage Manager – Rosie Bellini
Technical Director – Imogen Large

India Tyndall
Emil Franchi
Alice Kabala
Roya Nadry
Izzy Granger
and Nicholas Pople

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