Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night
Culture Lab, 29th November-1st December 2012

Shipwrecked on the shores of a foreign land, Viola believes her brother Sebastian drowned at sea. For safety, she disguises herself as a boy in order to work in the court of Count Orsino, where she finds herself a go-between for the man she serves and the woman who refuses to love him.

Directed by Gemma Ackerley & Richard Speir
Produced by Bridget Hamilton

Technical Director – Sophia Leggett
Stage Manager – Rosie Whisenant
Music – Ed Burgon

Leila Nashef
Richard Garrett
India Brown
Jake Houghton
Jacob Ward
Harry Putnam
Ollie Booth
Olivia Bader
Alice Sharman
Paul Thomas
Joe Conrad
Cora McIlwain
Esther Fearn
Isabel Hiskett
Izzy Granger
Simas Trijonis
Stevie Shephard
Dale J. Pearson

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