No Time for Fig Leaves

No Time for Fig Leaves
Culture Lab, 25th-27th November 2012

There has been a nuclear accident. All the men have disappeared, and it’s up to the women to rule the world. Until, that is, they find David and Nigel, who have been protected in an underground shelter.
The women want to keep these potential super-mates under close guard for political leverage… amongst other things.
The men have different ideas, and spurred on by a whole world of desirable women at their disposal, they try to escape.

Directed by Ruth Bader
Produced by Jemima Carvill

Assistant Director – Alex Peterson
Stage Manager – Amy Bennett
Technical Directors – Elie Howes & Imogen Large

Monica Sharp/Constance’s Private Secretary – Rosie Goodman
Constance Claythorpe/The P.M. – Charlie Brehaut
Dora/The Servant – Catherine McCallum
Lydia Parler/M.P. Minister of Science – Alex Herbert
Nigel Lawler/RAF Wing Commander – Dan Bradshaw
Major Danvers/Bishop, W.R.A.C. – Naomi Harryman
David Maxton/Professor – Aidan Flatt
Helen Marchbanks/W.R.N.S. 1st Lord of the Admiralty – Esther Fearn
Eve Forster/Corporal, W.R.A.C. – Thea Bainbridge

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