Culture Lab, 8th-10th March 2013

‘This is a city that is always on fire. This is a city that is forever under attack’.

July 2005. London.

Live 8. G8. London 2012 Olympics. 7/7. All in one week. Within one hour, everything changed.

During this hot week in July 2005, the city, the people and the rest of the world could not have anticipated what was about to happen. Simon Stephens’ ‘Pornography’ captures the untold stories of the people that live and breathe the buzz of the city. During this week the energy and the promise for the future was shattered by the devastation of the 7/7 bombings. ‘Pornography’ directly confronts our longing to be valued and our desire to be touched by those around us. A bleak and crushing look at London in July 2005 through the eyes of the Londoners that lived and breathed it.

Directed by Rebecca Ward
Produced by Janine Yaxley

Technical Director – Matt Edwards
Stage Manager – Cora McIlwain

Gemma Ackerley
Charlie Lambert
Fae Rinaldo
Will Sebag Montefiore
Charlotte Roper
Emily Wistow
Joe Shaw
Pedram Modarre

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