Abigails party final

21st – 23rd February,The Cluny 2

1977. 13 Richmond Road. Essex. Get ready for an evening with England’s nouveau riche, hosted by the one and only, Beverley Moss. But next door a very different event is taking place, as fifteen year old Abigail hosts her first teenage house party. As the nights entwine and the drink starts to flow, will this be the ultimate night of regret? So sit back, relax, grab your G and T, stick your red wine in the fridge and prepare for the worst party in history…


Beverly – Harriet McCane

Angela – Kathryn Evans

Susan – Ellyn Laws

Tony – Jordan Scudder

Laurence – Emil Calder


Director – Matthew Harper

Producer – Sophie Crocker

Set design – Al Summerscales

Makeup – Ellyn Laws

Stage Managers – James Mitchell & Athenïas Rambourg

Technical Director – Alex Duncan

Technical Assistant – Alice Flood