St. Luke’s Church, 14th-16th March 2011

Medea is a Greek tragedy about a woman, of the same name, who has travelled the world with her husband, the love of her life, Jason. She left her family and homeland (a so-called ‘Barbarian country’), killed her own brother, and travelled the world with Jason slaughtering anyone who stood in their way. Together the two shared a beatiful marriage with him and bore two lovely children…

…’But now hatred has corroded everything and dearest love grows sick’ as Jason and Medea wind up in Corinth, ruled by King Creon, Jason decides that he has had enough of the marriage and decides to leave her, why? Because she is too old? Because she isn’t as pretty as Jason’s new bride (and daughter of Creon) Glauce? Because she is too smart? Too womanly for him?

Medea will not stand for this…
‘And what is more, we are women!’

Directed by Mitchell Labiak
Produced by Charlotte Mountford

Medea – Hetty Du Cros
Jason – James Hepworth

Camilla St Aubyn
Catherine McCallum
Katie Quinn
Lauren Coar
Lucy Ashton

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