Culture Lab, 18th-20th March 2011

‘Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome…’

Set in Berlin in 1931 against the ominous backdrop of the Nazi party’s ever increasing power, Cabaret focuses on the nocturnal comings and goings of the seedy Kit Kat Klub. The musical tells the story of a young English cabaret singer, Sally Bowles, who falls in love with Clifford Bradshaw, a visiting American writer.

Featuring such iconic songs as ‘Wilkommen’, ‘Money’, ‘Mein Herr’ and ‘Maybe This Time’, Cabaret promises to be a spectacular and memorable show.

WARNING – The Cabaret Girls tend to get carried away, we cannot guarantee they will keep their clothes on during the show.

With thanks to our sponsor Aruba Beauty Clinic

Directed by Jamie Jackson
Produced by Hannah Morrey

Musical Director – Laura Steele
Assistant Director – Ciara Littler
Choreography – Sally Fothergill
Costume Designer – Bella Audsley
Make Up Designer – Hannah Costanzo
Technical Director – Dan Abbitt
Sound – Imogen Large

Sally Bowles – Rebecca Gee
Clifford Bradshaw – Joe Mills
Emcee – Ollie Booth
Fraulein Schneider – Katy Covell
Herr Schultz – Ben Schwarz
Fraulein Kost – Ros Howes
Ernst Ludwig – Terry Manolitsis
Station Guard/Naked Sailor – Seb Bance

Cabaret Boys & Girls:
Rosie – Jenni Wakeman
Lulu – Charlotte Loftus
Frenchy – Amy Rout
Texas – Charlotte Cunningham
Fritzy – Katy Nicholas
Helga – Fiona Denham
Bobby – Joe Coppock
Victor – Lucy Graham
Cabaret Girls – Cat Ayre & Soph Ryan

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