Rock’n’Soul by Freddie Jacobsen
SoCo Building – Venue 348, 3rd-20th August 2011

Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS) gives you “Rock’n’Soul”: a fun, light-hearted original comedy from Newcastle University’s very own Freddie Jacobsen that promises to entertain and show off the vast acting, production and writing talent at Newcastle University.
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Ed Brash is not the angelic type. Few rockstars are. So after suffering a fatal heart attack on an almighty drugs binge, he is surprised to find himself in heaven, being lectured on his foul language by an angel in socks and sandals. This angel is Josiah, a local seraph, who has taken it upon himself to help the young rockstar settle in, and in the mean time recieve some much needed advice on wooing the love of his life, Miranda.

Directed by Camilla St Aubyn & Charlotte Cunningham
Fringe President – Mike Wilkinson

Ed Brash – Ollie Booth
Josiah – Ben Schwarz
Miranda – Charli Brehaut
Anne – Beth Wilcock
Toby – Paddy Kelly
Tina – Amy Rout

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