The Panto: Hercules

The Panto: Hercules
Newcastle University Students’ Union, 12th-14th December 2010

NUTS brings you the twelve labours of Hercules. Join Hercules, the biggest LAD in Greece, best friend, socially awkward Theseus and warrior princess Hypolita as they take on murderous goddesses, cross-dressing kings, four headed beasts, lions and minotaurs and hinds (oh my!)…

What more could you want? A life-size camel? No problem.

Don’t miss one of the most exciting and hysterical shows to be set in Ancient Greece this year!

Written by NUTS’ very own Patrick Robertson & Matthew Doyle.

Directed by Jamie Jackson
Produced by Hattie Gibbs

Production Design – Ciara Littler, Sarah Currie & Hannah Costanzo
Technical Directors – Amy Sumerling & George Goldspink
Musical Director – Ed Lowcock
Choreographer – Nick Arnold

Ollie Booth
Owen Bull
Hannah Costanzo
Hettie Du Cros
Rebecca Gee
Evie Hone
Charlotte Loftus
Julia Middleton
Gavin Whitaker
Tom Pope
Beth Wilcock

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