Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure
St. Luke’s Church, 18th-20th November 2010

Vincentio, the Duke of Vienna, begins to despair at the loss of the city’s strict laws against sex before marriage. Leaving his people in the seemingly-capable hands of Lord Angelo, the Duke disguises himself as a humble friar and becomes inextricably involved the unfolding events.

It is only through the actions of a condemned brother, a chaste sister and a treacherous advisor that the Duke is able to discover Angelo’s true nature and change the fates of the people he has left behind.

Measure for Measure is a twisted entanglement of lust, deceit and comedy that questions authority and laughs at crime.

Directed by Harry Haynes & Samuel Jefferson

Angelo – George Alldrige
Isabella – Flora Turnbull
(Vincentio) The Duke – Richard Speir
Escalus – Matthew Doyle
Claudio – Guy de Zulueta
Lucio – Daniel Grant
Pompey – Tom Acworth
Abhorson the Executioner/Francisca the Nun – Kate Beckwith
Barnadine – Sarah Lawson
Mariana – Geri Kinde
Mistress Overdone – Lucy Hadley
Provost – Kiwi Wilkinson
Friar – Ross McDermot
Elbow – Mitch Labiak
Froth – Luc Marot
Gentleman One/Lord/Servant – Neil Wilyman
Gentleman Two/Lord/Servant – James Heaford
Gentleman Three/Lord/Servant – Adam Haswell

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