Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
Newcastle University Students’ Union, 29th November-1st December 2011

Roman leader Julius Caesar is at the height of his power, however the senate are starting to question his motives. Does Caesar still hold dear to him the principles of Democracy or has he got his sights set on becoming an ultimate dictator, maybe even king? Senators and friends of Caser’s, Brutus and Cassius, certainly think so, and so they embark on a deadly plot to assassinate him. Mark Anthony, however, is not happy with this, and does all he can to avenge his beloved Ceasar. What follows is one hell of a stabbing in the back, an absolute corker of a speech and a pretty brutal battle. Julius Caesar for me is about persuasion and power: how one man can change the opinions of the masses with just a few words, effecting chaos, treason and war.

Directed by Camilla St Aubyn
Produced by Katie Quinn & Naomi Dent

Technical Director – Dan Abbitt
Stage Manager – Lizzy Carr

Marcus Brutus – Rory Fairbairn
Caius Cassius – Phoebe Higson
Mark Anthony – Pip Brignall
Julius Caesar – Matthew Rian Steen
Caska/Cato – Ellie Dowding
Decius Brutus/Lucillius – Jake Houghton
Trebonius/Titinius – Mitch Labiak
Metellus Cimber/Octavius – Fae Rinaldo-Langridge
Caius Ligarius – Alice Sharman
Cicero/Volumnius – Catriona Scholes
Murellus/Messala – Stevie Shepherd
Flavius/Antony’s Servant/Clitus – Joseph Conrad
Calpurnia/Octavius’ Servant – Abi Deivanayagm
Portia – Fion Hay
Lucius – Ciaran Mitchell
Publius – Clare Deal
Popillius Lena – Hope Gray
Soothsayer – Webb Seymour
Artemidorus – Carl Jonsson
Lepidus – Dan Grant
Strato – Katie Quinn
Cinna the Poet – Dale Pearson

Emma Baugh
Emma Cleasby
Fernando Er
Izzy Granger
Kay McKay
Mansour Helmi

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