Black Comedy

Black Comedy
St. Luke’s Church, 1st-3rd December 2011

The Black comedy is a play in which the conditions of light and dark are reversed. So when in the play it is light, the audience can see nothing, but when the fuse plunges the characters into darkness, the stage is lit. Throughout the actors must act as if they can see nothing, leading to much hilarity. Also, whenever a match or a lighter is illuminated, the stage lights dim.

Brindsley and Carol, an engaged couple, have invited a millionaire to his flat to see Brindsley’s sculpture and, to impress him, the couple have ‘borrowed’ antiques and furniture from their neighbour, Harold. Carol’s father is also visiting to meet his future son-in-law. Just before the guests arrive a fuse is blown and the lights go out (but of course the stage is illuminated) and the entire dinner party is conducted asif the actors are in the dark. A number of unexpected visitors, Harold’s return and mistaken identities utterly ruin the evening leading to a (hopefully) hilarious chaotic crescendo.

Directed by William Sebag-Montefiore & Anto Fray
Produced by Jo Bailey

Technical Director – Imogen Large

Brindsley Miller – Richard Speir
Carol Melkett – Alice Commins
Miss Furnival – Kate Beckwith
Colonel Melkett – Jack Sykes
Harold Gorringe – Ed Burgon
Schuppanzigh – Oli Morgan-Williams
Clea – Viola Hayden
Georg Bamberger – Dan Bradshaw

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