A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line
Northern Stage, 3th-7th Match 2012

At an audition for an upcoming Broadway production, the formidable director Zach and his assistant choreographer Larry put the dancers through their paces.

To learn more about them, Zach asks each dancer to introduce themselves…

Directed by Paul Hickey & Emma Chandler
Produced by Sarah Georgeson

Choreography – Louise Elliot
Technical Director – Dan Abbitt

Cassie – Katy Nicholas
Sheila – Hattie Amos
Val – Camilla St Aubyn
Diana – Jenni Wakeman
Judy – Amy Sharpe
Kristine – Cat McCallum
Maggie – Georgia Snow
Bebe – Soph Ryan
Connie – Annelesis de Jong
Paul – Paddy Kelly
Mike – James Houston
Don – Max Elton
Mark – Luke Holian
Bobby – Luke Kelly
Greg – Max McEwan
Al – Dave Carter
Zach – Ben Hooper
Vicki – Hannah Blowfield
Tricia – Holly Delafield
Lois – Fiona Denham
Fran – Charlie Burt
Tom – Christian Cargill
Butch – Andy Muress

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