The Midnight Oil

The Midnight Oil
Northern Stage, 8th-10th March 2012

The Midnight Oil is a brand new play about creativity and addicton. Set in the late Victorian era, it opens on Henry Caldwell, a pious journalist (and failed poet) specialising in exposing degeneration, arriving at an opium den. He was brought here under the pretence that the elusive writer George Kramer was residing there incognito by his old friend Dr. Alexander.
With Henry’s editor on his back, the play follows his attempts at trying to write about Kramer with sinister twists and turns!

Written & Directed by Ben Schwarz
Produced by Jemima Carvill

Technical Director – Imogen Large
Stage Manager – Rosie Wisenant

Henry Caldwell – James Hepworth
Sarah Weir – Megan Holloway
Tobias Lovelace – Matthew Steen
Dr Benjamin Alexander – Benjamin Ostell
Joseph Carrington – Dale Pearson
Daisy – Alice Kabala
Ginger – Thea Bainbridge

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