Drama Festival 2012

The Newcastle University Drama Festival 2012
Northern Stage, 30th April-2nd May 2012

The Newcastle University Drama Festival returns to Northern Stage to feature eight original short plays written by members of NUTS. Settings include a post apocalytic bunker, a dinner party complicated by extra marital affairs and an interview room fillled with some biased recruiters!
With a fantastic mix of comedy and drama in store and for only £6 per night, we hope you will come and join us. We are also delighted to welcome back The Comedy Society to perform another set of original sketches on the opening night.
Tickets are available from Northern Stage either on their website or at the front desk.

The Line-Up is as follows:
Monday 30th April:
The Kind of World Wheres We Belong by Ben Schwarz (Directed by Clare Deal & Adam Stubbs)
The Dinner Party by Jemima Carvill (Directed by Jemima Carvill)
Sketch Comedy Show and Review of this year’s productions by The Comedy Society

Tuesday 1st May:
Refused by Charlotte Mountford (Directed by Charlotte Mountford)
How Things Were by Anto Fray (Directed by Anto Fray)
A Bad Show by Mitch Labiak (Directed by Cat McCallum & Katie Quinn)

Wednesday 2nd May:
A Hotel Bar by Ollie Booth (Directed by Ollie Booth)
Threads by Iain Moss (Directed by Iain Moss)
Scheme by Dale J. Pearson (Directed by Dale Pearson & Alice Sharman)

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