The Graduate

The Graduate
Culture Lab, 18th-20th March 2011

You’re trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson, aren’t you… Aren’t you?” The Graduate is here.

It’s about Ben who, in a state of confusion about his post university life, lets himself be seduced by the formidabley attractive (yet slightly desperate, to be honest) Mrs Robinson.
Things get slightly awkward, however, when he falls for Elaine, Mrs Robinson’s daughter…
Don’t be fooled. We shall not be repeating the film. We’ve changed things and put a new perspective on the whole plot. Basically this is a REMIX.

Directed by Megan Holloway
Produced by Gemma Ackerley

Costume Design – Jemima Carvill

Benjamin Braddock – Richard Speir
Mrs Robinson – Rachael Halhead
Mr Robinson – Dan Bradshaw
Mr Braddock – Ben Ostell
Mrs Braddock – Kate Beckwith
Elaine – Ros Fraser
Therapist – Rebecca Ward
Stripper – Rose Akehurst
Hotel Receptionist – Lucy Coult
Hotel Clerk – Ed Burgon
Vicar – Will Sebag Montefiore

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