In a world where World War Two never took place, an Austrian politician by the name of Adolf Hitler enters the Big Brother house…

‘Big Brother: Blitzkrieg’ attempts to humanise the character of Adolf Hitler as audiences watch his emotional “journey” in the Big Brother house. Through the manipulation of housemates and viewers alike, audiences are presented with a satirical interpretation of how obvious political shortcomings and policies are often overlooked in the name of entertainment.
Newcastle University Theatre Society presents ‘Big Brother: Blitzkrieg’ by Max Elton.
Edinburgh Fringe 2014. 4th-17th August. 
Sweet Venues

Written & Directed by Max Elton
Produced by India Brown
Design & Marketing by Luke Robson

Adolf – Christian Cargill
Clive – Richard Garrett
Rachel – Rachel Slattery
M-Cat – Dan Lockett
Camilla – Charlotte Gower
Maude – Liv Bader
The Voice of Big Brother – George Smith

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“Expanding the View”
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