Drama Festival 2015

Drama Festival 2015, presented by Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS) in assiociation with Durham Student Theatre.
Day 1)
The End of the World was Last Tuesday
The Spectrum
Durham Student Theatre: Ozymandia
Day 2)
Dog Treats
6hrs 54mins
If Only Diana was Queer! (Edinburgh Fringe Festival Preview)

The End of the World was Last Tuesday
“Bernard isn’t living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; he’s gone back to work. Before the predicted end of the world failed to take place, he trashed his office, slept with his boss, and indulged in a lot of apocalyptically bad behaviour. Now, with the world no longer in imminent danger of being blown up, Bernard has to try and live down some of his more embarrassing choices. A heart-warming comedy about one idiot who made his own bed, and is being forced to lie in it with extreme reluctance.”
Bernard Mark Bryan
Claire Katie Raymond
Steve Aidan Clancy
Johnny Stuart Ward
Jenny Kathryn Evans
Morgan Rosie Bonner
Jeff Oli Seymour Written by Jack Hewitt

The Spectrum
“Crazy isn’t it? Crazy we do this. Come and see if we’re right. If we’re what they need.” In a world where society is divided by colours and a fever of self-betterment reigns, 5 people are waiting for the bus. There is only one bus, but there are no bus-tickets; just the advice: “only when man has reached his true potential may he pass from here to paradise”.
Noah Bailey Pilbeam
Isaac Joe Sample
Lyra Minna Higson
Tabitha Leila Nashef
Elysia Flora Squires Written by Kate Beckwith
Spencer Joe Pindar Directed by Caroline Simonsen
Patrick//Percy Saroj Spickett Produced by Amanda Bruce

Durham Student Theatre: Ozymandia

Ramesses the Great (Ozymandias to his friends), invites all passing travellers to an unsurpassable evening of wit, charm, intrigue, profundity, music, storytelling and career advice. The privilege of the company of the King of Kings is quite unlike any other; all should prepare to be humbled before him.
Written & Performed by Hugh Train

Sex, Social Media, Scandal, Stress, Self-Conscious, SAUCE! The student mind is constantly judging, self-doubting and working out how to go day-by-day doing minimal work! On this sticky, summer day in the library Ted, Lucy, Benbo and Arabella work away or at least that’s how it looks until we finally get an insight into what everyone is really thinking…
Ted Olly Wilson
Benbo Patrick Watson
Lucy Jenny Amey
Arabella Grace Fitzalan Howard
Johnno Seb Masters Written by Joe Shaw
Dave Matt Thomas Directed by Joe Shaw & Will Hunter
Dog Treats
“A village like this is the type of place people forget exists. A very good place to retire to. Or to hide in.” Late one Evening, retired Terrance Hamilton unexpectedly ends up playing the reluctant host to a stranger, stranded in his village. Over the course of the evening, the stranger begins to unearth Hamilton’s past while being forced to confront his own future… Dog Treats is a mystery thriller about time, and more importantly, how you use it.
Terrance Hamilton Ruaidhri Johnston
William Rake James Howlett
“John Smith” Alex Fontana
Josie/Joan Charlotte Wood Written by Dan Galvin
Michael/Graham James Mitchell Directed by Anna Simmons
6hrs 54mins
In an effort to save money, 5 students use the internet to organise and share the cost of a car journey. Travelling from Edinburgh to London Joe, Ed, Scarlett, Millie and Nick learn more about each other than they might’ve bargained for. Disagreeing over motorway routes, conflicting music taste and Ed’s chronic hangover, it soon becomes too much for some as secrets start to unveil. It’s going to be a long journey…
Joe Dan Lockett

Ed Max Fosh

Scarlett Chloe Simpson

Millie Hattie Campbell Pryce Written by Kate Beckwith

Nick Will Directed by George Smith
If Only Diana was Queer! (Edinburgh Fringe Festival Preview)
They sing, they dance and they steal your boyfriends. In the dressing room of ‘Coming Up Roses’, three drag queens are preparing their act. So tuck your excitement between your legs and Rhonda, Alexa and Riley lift the lid of the world of drag and lead you through their fabulous life of fake boobs, suspenders and fierce attitude!
Riley Cyrus Jack Drabwell
Alexa Hung Chris Owen
Rhonda Royce Chris Theobold Written & Directed by Josh Turner & Laura Chitty
With Asher Amor-Train, Ryan Rochford, Annabel Warnock & Sophia Miller