Written by Dennis Kelly

(rights obtained from Samuel French)

A normal group of teenagers, a normal day. Then a slip, a fall. They were “just messing about” but as their lives start to unravel around them and the intrigue mounts who do we blame? Us? Them? Or is it just in our DNA?


Phil – Patrick Watson

Lea – Rosie Bonner

Jo Tate – Tim Spalding

Rachel – Emily Turnbull

Mark – Bailey Pilbeam

Jan – Alex Fontana

Danny – Elliot McClenaghan

Cathy – Alex Burns

Brian – Will Pryce

Lou – Hannah Leek

Ashley – Tom Merson


Directed by Adam Creissen

Producer – Katie Chapman

Technical Director – Joseph Stockdale & Emily Cave

Stage Manager – James Mitchell

Assistant Stage Managers – Ailsa Prestige & Beth Boultwood

Backstage Assistant – Nao Ikushima

Set Design – Katie Chapman, Leina Taylor & Sapna Shah

Photographer – Katie Chapman

Marketing – Lois Hall