By William Shakespeare

“It will have blood, they say, blood will have blood.” Already a famed war-hero and respected general, Macbeth receives a prophecy from three witches that he will be crowned King of Scotland. From that moment he is consumed by ambition, desire, and a murderous lust for power. His road to the throne is awash with blood, and blood will be asked from Macbeth in return. Macbeth is Shakespeare’s exploration of the nature of power, its corrupting influence, and the lengths men will go to secure it.


Macbeth – Jake Hodkinson

Lady Macbeth – Sophia Miller

Macduff – Mark Bryan

Banquo/Maid – Eliza Davison

Malcolm – Kai Nicol-Schwarz

Porter – Joe Sample

Witch – Kathryn Norton

Witch – Flora Squires

Witch – Caroline Simonsen

Lennox – Ryan Rochford

Duncan/Doctor – Sophie Sharp

Lady Macduff/Fleance – Kassie Hopewell

Donalbain/Murderer – Tom Shah

Ross – Oli Seymour

Sergeant /Young Ross – Liam Christie

Messenger/Young Macduff – Mimi Monteith


Director – Jack Hewitt

Producers – Danny Stones & Dan Galvin

Technical Director – Fay Montlake

Assistant Technical Director – Josh Cobb

Stage Manager – Katy Thomas

Assistant Stage Managers – Amy Napper & Juliet Fletcher

Set Design – Dan Galvin, Ellie Stephenson, Michaela Hall, Imogen Gomperts-Mitchelson, & Isobel Harvey

Costume – Danny Stones

Costume Assistant – Kristel Buckley

Make Up – Megan Willis

Marketing and Poster Design – Oisín Power

Music Composition – Alex Guthrie

Photography – Katie Chapman