Written By Josh Turner

14th – 16th December, Venue SU

£6 (Conc.) / £9, 7.30pm

Wendy, John and Michael have their world turned upside down when Peter Pan and Tinkerbell take them on a grand adventure to Neverland. Where an ongoing battle between Naughty Boys and the evil Captain Hook’s clan of pirates is about to reach its peak as Hook cracks a cunning plan to destroy Peter and create a product which will make them all rich… What could possibly go wrong?


Narrator – Becky James

Tinkerbell – Elliot Bradley

Peter Pan – Louise Nicholls

Wendy – Francesca Ridley

John – Sam Hardy

Michael – Martha Carr

Captain Hook – Zara Walwyn

Smee – James Howlett

Jinglebell – Natalie Johnson

Cowbell – Jade Dhesi

Nanna – Asher Amor-Train

Mr Darling – Mikhail Barb

Mrs Darling – Olivia Wilson

Naughty Boy 1 – Stuart Ward

Naughty Boy 2 – Mairi Shimmins

Naughty Boy 3 – Jasper Maberly

Gary – Leonie Douglas

Pirate 1 – Bex Liberty

Pirate 3 – Gemma Fernie

Pirate 4 – Max Pywell


Directors – Josh Turner & Lizzie Munn

Producer – Chloe Burton

Musical Director – Tom Edney

Choreographers – Lucy Dodman & Katie Powell

Costume – Amy Gildert

Art Team – Lizzie Munn, Josh Turner & Fergus Carmichael

Technical Director – Alex Duncan

Assistant Technical Director – Beth Boultwood

Stage Manager – Georgie Fellingham & Mariam Saad

With Special thanks to Kate Beckwith, Joanna Whitty & Sophie Benamara