By Patrick Hamilton

(rights obtained from Samuel French)

Set on the first floor of a house in Mayfair, London in 1929, ‘Rope’ concerns two young university students, Wyndham Brandon and Charles Granillo.
Having murdered fellow student Ronald Kentley as an expression of their supposed intellectual superiority, they stuff his body into a chest.
They proceed to host a party for his friends and family at which the chest containing his corpse is used to serve a buffet.


Max Fosh – Charles Granillo

Richard Garret – Brandon Wyndam

Kathryn Evans – Leila Arden

Seb Masters – Kenneth Raglan

Olly Wilson – Rupert Cadell

Minna Higson – Lady Kentley

Gretta Hayley – Sabine

Coco Anthony – Mrs Debenham


Directed by Chris Theobald

Producer – Eleanor Beattie

Technical Director – Chris Dunn

Stage Managers –

Callum Johnson &

Grace Schulp

Poster – Adwait Deshmukh