Les Mis: The Panto!

5) Les Mis the Panto The Venue 7-8th December (with matinee) matinee at 5pm on the 7th with second performance at 8pm. Performance on the 8th begins at 7.30 £6 Concession £9 Adult

Written by Dan Galvin and Danny Stones
In nineteenth century France, theatre producer Jean Valjean has been released from prison for breaking copyright law. Over the next twenty years, he and his dysfunctional theatre troupe – including his adopted daughter Cosette, egotistical diva Enjolras and larger-than-life Eponine – struggle to stage the show of his dreams, all while avoiding the single-minded determination of Inspector Javert and his team of copyright lawyers. Will Valjean manage to stage the show? Will Javert get his man? And most importantly – will the show be under budget?

Les Miserable: Luke Waite
Jean Valjean: Tom Hepburn
Javert: James Mitchell
Gav Roche: Jack Hewitt
Marius Pontmercy: Matt Thomas
Eponine: Mark Bryan
Cosette: Kathryn Evans
Fantine: Liz Grasso
Enjolras: Shivani Fakey
Mr Victor: Ashleigh Harrison
Mr Hugo: Kathryn Norton
Bishop: Will Pryce
Grantaire: Amy Gildert
Combeferre: Katy Thomas
Courfeyrac: Sophia Miller

Other Chorus:
Aidan Clancy
Pippa Murray
Tom Purvis
Asher Amor-Train
Sophie Sharp
Callum Johnson


Written by Dan Galvin and Danny Stones
Directed by Amy Bennett
Produced by Carl Johnston
Assistant Producer: Oli Seymour
Poster by Helena Kwong
Stage Manager: Ollie Wilson
Technical Director: Alex Duncan
Assistant Technical Director: Rachel Barry

Technical Director: Alex Duncan
Assistant Technical Director: Rachel Barry
Stage Manager: Olly Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager: Matt Barber
Stage Hand 7th December: Hannah Wilkin
Stage Hand 7th December: Mairi Shimmins
Stage Hand 8th December: Helena Kwong
Rig Team 7th/8th December: Emily Petterson
Holly Ann Milburn
Patri Levita Descalza