The Producers

Max Bialystock, a down and out Broadway producer, strikes gold when his downtrodden accountant Leopold Bloom discovers a way of making money from Max’s talent for producing failed shows. After raising the money from his ‘investors’- an army of nymphomaniac grannies-, Max enlists the help of former Nazi and aspiring playwright Franz Liebkind, flamboyant and useless homosexual director Roger De Bris, and Swedish blonde-bombshell secretary Ulla. After hiring the worst cast ever, and as a result of the characters combined brainpower and ludicrous behaviour, Springtime for Hitler heads for Broadway. What could possibly go wrong, or right…?

Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS) Presents: The Producers
by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan

20th – 22nd November
Newcastle College
£7 (Conc.) £10

Director: Amanda Bruce
Assistant Director: by Hannah Goring
Producer: Leila Nashef
Musical Director: Louise Anderson
Dance Choreographers: Pippa Skingsley & Niamh McKigney
Stage Manager: Janine Yaxley
Technical Directors: Chris Dunn & Jonny Beaumont

Max Bialystock – Ruaidhri Johnston
Leopold Bloom- Joe Shaw
Ulla – Lucy Sherrat
Franz – Max Fosh
Roger DeBris – Matt Mcguire
Carmen Ghia – James Howlett
Hold Me-Touch Me – Jenni Amey
Bryan/Jack/Accountant – Euan Hobson
Kevin/Donald/Accountant – Simon Ramshaw
Scott/Jason/Accountant- Josh Turner
Mr Marks/Ticket Taker/Guard – Frederic Hutchinson
Stormtrooper/Prison Trustee – Liam Christie
Singing Granny/Chorus – Charlotte Gower
Singing Granny/Chorus – Chloe Simpson
Usherette/Chorus – Ellie Dodsworth
Usherette/Chorus – Phoebe Dobson
Shirley/Chorus – Poppy Crowe
Judge/Chorus – Louisa Barnard
Chorus – Jesse Kempner
Chorus – Frankie Spooner
Chorus – Orla Cullen

Make-Up: Opal Cook-Haigh & Nina Hunter
Set/Props/Costumes: Helen Scully, Hazel Soper, Anna Skulczuk
Trailer: Amanda Bruce & Luke W. Robson
Poster: Luke W. Robson