The Bad Seed

NUTS Presents: The Bad Seed
24th – 26th February, Theatre Royal, £6 (Conc.) / £9, 7:30pm

Rhoda Penmark is the perfect daughter doted on by both her parents. Full of charm she is able to get anything she wants. At the same time, she is unable to make friends, and some people think there is something odd, even sinister, about her. An outing at school sends the family into a downwards spiral. One of Rhoda’s classmates has just won a prize, a prize Rhoda thought she should win, and on a picnic he is “accidentally” drowned. Rhoda seems strangely unaffected by the tragedy, and everyone thinks there is something very disturbing about her reactions. The janitor, Leroy, suspects he knows the answer, and threatens to reveal her secret. Gradually Christine realizes that Rhoda might have had something to do with other unexplained deaths of people around her. Then the truth becomes chillingly clear. Christine’s dear little child is no angel, but an ice-cold, calculating killer. Although adopted, Christine traces the identity of her biological mother, and in doing so stumbles across a dark secret.

Christine: Lucy Sherratt
Rhoda: Jesse Kemper
Miss Fern: Grace Schulp
Leroy: Joe Shaw
Mr Daigle: Callum Johnson
Mrs Daigle: Leila Nashef
Bravo: Chris Owen
Tasker: Adam Creissen
Kenneth: Harry Read
Monica: Kate Beckwith
Emory: Max Fosh
Messenger and News Reporter: Antonia Hayward

Written by Maxwell Anderson
Directed by Georgie Jakob
Hair & Make-Up: Philly Russell
Poster by Luke W. Robson
Trailer by Gupita Prameswari