The Thrill of Love

“Midnight, Easter Sunday. But if Christ really rose from the dead, he’s not in the city tonight.”

It’s 1955. Ruth Ellis has taken a gun and murdered her lover David Blakely, becoming the last woman in Britain to be hanged. Follow Detective Inspector Jack Gale as he charts her descent through the seedy underworld of post-war London; from the Court Club to the Little, from sanity to madness, from her prison cell to the court room to the gallows. Through the smoky haze of the Gentlemen’s club, he takes a fresh look at the woman behind the headlines.

The Thrill of Love, 30 November – 2nd December, The Cluny, £6 (Conc.) / £9, 7.30pm

Ruth Ellis – Rosie Bonner
Jack Gale – Theo Harris
Sylvia Shaw – Charlotte Wood
Doris Judd – Sophie Benamara
Vickie Martin – Louise Bridgman
Judge – Adam Creissen
Louis Dunbavin
Joe Pindar
Tom Keys

Directed by George Smith and Will Hunter
Produced by Roisin Owen
Costumes by Eve Kershaw & Phoebe-Claire Bower
Hair/Make-Up by Lauren Hickin
Poster by Luke W. Robson
Trailer by Will Hunter

Technical Director: Elie Howes
Assistant Technical Director: Portia Rose Gibson
Stage Manager: Haaris Aytishaam Mahmood Qureshi
Assistant Stage Manager: Chloe Chandler
Rig Team 30th Nov/2nd Dec: Wan LE
Elvira Carolina Jusuf