Flare Path

Flare Path
St. Luke’s Church, 6th-8th March 2013

It is 1942. Film star Peter Kyle arrives at a hotel where a bomber crew have met their wives for the weekend. He hopes to win back Patricia, his ex-girlfriend, who has married a pilot. The evening is interrupted when an urgent raid over Germany is announced, forcing the airmen to take to the skies. Left to ponder her husband’s fate, Patricia must also choose a man: does she pick her true love Peter, or her courageous husband who she feels obliged to be with?

Subtle and witty, Rattigan’s Flare Path is the story of duty, love and hidden fear. It is about coping with the daily prospect of death and how that affects one’s view of love. Written by an RAF officer and first performed during WWII, Flare Path promises to whisk you right to the heart of life with the bomber boys.

Directed by Richard Speir
Produced by Thea Bainbridge

Stage Manager – Bridget Hamilton
Stage Assistant – Kirsty Wright
Set Assistant – Hannah Hunter
Technical Director – Amy Alford

Olivia Bader
India Brown
Christian Cargill
Richard Garret
James Heaford
Sophia Leggett
Leila Nashef
Bradley Smith
Adam Stubbs
Simas Trijonis

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