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Every year Newcastle University Theatre Society takes a piece of original student writing to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This year’s Production was Kurl Up & Dye

This hilarious dark comedy welcomes you into Kurl Up and Dye, a warm and friendly though largely unsuccessful Yorkshire beauticians. The salon, run haphazardly by Sarah, Michelle, Amanda and Jo, receives a wide range of regulars – though none as loyal as 93-year-old Mrs Clarke. When a simple bikini wax lands her dead on the table, the girls go to unusual lengths to cover it up and save their beloved beauticians from closing. Loyalties are tested, police turn up and friendships are strained… How much pain can one bikini wax cause? Expect mayhem, manslaughter and manicures.


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‘Big Trouble’ is a detective noir comedy set in a nursery. Tommy is a hard-boiled private-investigator on the mean streets of Little Monkey’s Daycare. He’s 4 and a quarter years old, with an eye for trouble and a taste for candy sticks. Together, with his strong and mostly silent partner Bobby, he sets out to uncover and foil a plot that seems to go right to the top of the playground, which admittedly is not very high at all. They’ll need to get clues from wherever they can, including snitches, the local bar (a playhouse in which a 4-year-old is serving apple juice) and any other means necessary, all while avoiding the local bully, and the teacher’s watchful eye. After all, there’s only one thing worse than death and that’s a call home. Winner of Best Script and Best Actor at Newcastle’s Drama Fest Awards in 2018, Big Trouble In Little Monkey’s Daycare is noir like you’ve never seen before – quick-witted, fast-paced and flawlessly funny. In the words of four-year-old detective Tommy, ‘if you feel like you need to go, you need to go.’




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Previous NUTS Fringe productions include: Big Trouble In Little Monkey’s Daycare (2018), Wishing On A Stopgap (2017), Spoonfeeders (2016) If Only Diana Were Queer! (2016), and the sell-out Big Brother Blitzkrieg (2015), which went on to be performed at the King’s Head Theatre in London in 2016.