Henry V

Henry V
St. Luke’s Church, 28th-30th November 2013

One of Shakespeare’s most famous historical plays. Henry V follows the reign of the young King of England as he faces war with France. The play explores how Henry learns to become a great leader, earn the respect of his men and lead his kingdom to victory.

Directed by Adam Stubbs & Dan Galvin

Stage Manager – Amy Bennett
Deputy Stage Manager – Tanya Nies
Assistant Producer – Tony Velikova
Costume – Elle Monaghan
Technical Director – Sam James
Technical Assistant – Josh Newlands

King Henry V – James Heaford
Katherine – Beatrice Henderson
Dauphin – Eliza Davison
Pistol – Solie Osman
Nym – Callum Johnson
Bardolph – Ruth Bader
Fluellen – Joe Sample
King of France – Danny Stones
Chorus – Caroline Simonsen
Alice – Lexy Phillips
Hostess – Lauren Hickin
Montjoy – Esther Fearn

Jack Hewitt
Kathryn Norton
Beccah Campbell
Polly Hunt
Harry Castle

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