Journey’s End

2nd – 4th March, Northern Stage 3, £6 (Conc.) / £9, 7:30pm

Set in the trenches of the First World War, R. C. Sherriff’s powerful drama Journey’s End follows a group of officers and men in the build up to the German Spring Offensive. Eighteen and fresh out of school, the youthful and optimistic Raleigh joins his boy-hood hero Stanhope in the trenches of France, where he soon finds that the strain of war has dramatically altered the man he knew. Remarkable for its accurate and moving portrayal of men living in trying conditions, Journey’s End is one of the greatest dramas to come out of World War One.

Stanhope: Jake Hodgkinson
Osborne: Mark Bryan
Raleigh: Joe Sample
Hibbert: Sophia Miller
Mason: Saroj Spickett
Trotter: Ruaidhri Johnston
Hardy: Minna Higson
Company Sergeant Major: Freddie Robinson
Colonel: Asher Amor-Train
German Soldier: Kathryn Norton
Soldiers: Oli Seymour & Kathryn Evans

Written by R.C. Sherriff
Directed by Jack Hewitt
Produced by Will Price
Poster by Luke W. Robson
Trailer by Luke W. Robson