Madness of george poster k

27th – 29th February, Mining Institute Library
£6 (Conc.) / £9, 7.30pm

George III’s behaviour has often been odd, but now he is deranged, with rumours circulating that he has even addressed an oak tree as the King of Prussia. Doctors are brought in, the government wavers and the Prince of Wales manoeuvres himself into power.


King George III – Patrick Watson

Dr. Willis – Sophia Miller

Queen Charlotte – Zara Walwyn

Prince of Wales – Mark Bryan

Duke of York – Joe Hodgson

Pitt – Ryan Rochford

Fox – Alex Fontana

Lady Pembroke/Margaret Nicholson – Hannah Leek

Thurlow – Grace Schulp

Sheridan – Cody Vance

Dundas – Kai Nichol-Schwarz

Dr. Warren – Sophie Sharp

Dr. Baker – Callum Johnson

Dr. Pepys – Minna Higson

Fitzroy – Kassie Hopewell

Greville – Kathryn Norton

Papandiek/Sir Boothby – Liam Christie

Fortnum/Ramsden – Sam Hardy

Braun – Daniel Lowes


Director – Aidan Clancy

Producer – Dan Galvin

Marketing – Katarina Forchhammer

Costume – Eve Kershaw

Costume Assistant – Megan Prudden

Stage Managers – Katy Thomas & Jade Dhesi

Technical Director – Portia Gibson

Assistant Technical Director – Joe Pindar