No Sex Please, We’re British

No Sex Please, We’re British
Northern Stage – Stage 3, 25th-27th November 2013

Peter and Frances have just moved into their new flat and are thoroughly enjoying their carefree life together. That is until Frances sends off for some Scandinavian glassware. What gets delivered however is some very pornographic material. Combine a horrific mother in law, a bank inspector, some sleeping tablets, a small fire, a couple of call girls and some very dirty pictures and you have ‘No Sex Please, We’re British’.

Directed by Lizzy Carr
Produced by Luke Robson & Charlotte Roper

Technical Director – Amy Alford

Peter – Jake Hodgkinson
Frances – Rachel Slattery
Eleanor – Kate Beckwith
Brian – Ross Huddleston
Bromhead – Joe Conrad
Needham – Mark Bryan
Inspector Paul – Richard Garrett
Susan – Rosie Goodman
Barbara – Charlie Wood

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