The Panto: The Island of Treasure: A Swashbuckling Piracy

The Panto: The Island of Treasure: A Swashbuckling Piracy
Newcastle University Students’ Union, 8th-10th December 2013

Young Jim Hawkins happens upon a lost pirate map, that could either lead him to certain fortune or a gruesome death (extremely unlikely by the way!)

How will Jim’s tale unfold as he is confronted by a deadly foe in the form of legsome pirate Long John Silver? Join Newcastle University Theatre Society this Panto season for a good old giggle and gaff.

Co-writers and directors come in the form of Newcastle Student Radio presenter Emil Franchi and Comedy Society member Ciaran Mitchell to bring you a pantomime fresh from our addled student brains, perfect to get into that Christmas spirit. Aarh.

Written and Directed by Emil Franchi & Ciaran Mitchell

Crew – Ellie Claughton, Ben Kenyon, Katy Thomas, Laura Marsh, Chloe Burton & Alex Duncan
Choreography – Charlie Burt

Jim Ladd Hawkings – Ellie Dodsworth
Kingston – Saroj Spickett
Hull – Gabriella Petruso
Mrs. Ladd – Max Taylor-McEwan
Long John Silver – Chris Grayson
Billy Boner – Corin Allen
Captain Pillock – Joanna Whitty
Admiral Advice – David Gibson
Flint – Nicholas Pople
Blind Phew/Severed Smith – Simas Trijonis
Jolly Todger – Matthew Liang
Jack Swallow – Megan Berrisford-Green
Brian the Belated – Catriona Scholes
Davide Jones – Annie Preston
Fanny Drake Hepworth – Carl Jonsson

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