Punk Rock

Punk Rock
Culture Lab, 6th-8th December 2013

Stuck in their last year at school an unusual, quirky group of teens prepare for their A-levels. All with high hopes and even higher pressures, ‘Punk Rock’ projects how the students deal with young love, parents expectations, their image and climbing the ever growing ladder of the school’s hierarchy. The play is easy to relate to as it deals with the increasingly common pressures and insecurities imposed on student’s lives. There is a cast of the usual suspects that are present in every school. Bennett the bully, Chadwick the geek, Tanya the energy fuelled, over-achiever and William, well the less said about William the better…

Directed by Joseph Shaw
Produced by Elie Howes
(Assistant Producer – Amelia Green)
Technical Assistant – Kim Birrell

Cast, in order of appearance:
William Carlisle – George Smith
Lilly Cahill – Annabel Niekirk
Bennett Francis – Will Hunter
Cissy Franks – Alice Commins
Nicholas Chatman – Shanz Ramana
Tanya Gleason – Hannah Goring
Chadwick Meade – Will Pryce
Lucy Francis – Maddy Glasbey
Dr Richard Harvey – Paul Thomas

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