Laura Wade’s Alice ☆☆☆

Directed by Lexy Phillips and Dan Galvin, Lauren Hicken of The Courier gives the NUTS production of Laura Wade’s Alice a three star review.

The ambition of the piece is tempered by the simple but striking production style, the costumes and makeup are impressive and the performers are engaging. However, the main problem with this production is the script. The cast, from Esther Fearn as the conflicted heroine to Kathryn Norton’s particularly adorable dormouse, are compelled to rely on their physical comedy skills and engaging personalities, as the scripted material is not very helpful.

That aside, the supporting performances were particularly strong. Some of my personal highlights included Jack Hewitt’s fastidious caterpillar, Megan Hindle’s unhinged Duchess and Chris Owen as a disturbingly creepy Cheshire Cat. Also worthy of note were players such as Freddie Hutchinson and Adam Stubbs, memorable in roles with very limited dialogue. Overall, the charm of the performances and great visual style of the production largely overcame the weaknesses of the script, making for a very enjoyable evening.

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