The time has come for this year’s Drama Festival by Newcastle University Theatre Society aka NUTS. For two days they will take over Northern Stage to showcase short plays written, directed, crewed and performed by students. This year, NUTS have six enticing plays to share with us, with diverse genres and subject matters promising to leave the audience laughing, crying and a little more thoughtful.


It’s That One You Read About by James Hepworth is a comedy set in a courtroom, detailing two individual’s sides of a murder case. Hilarity inevitably ensues.

Anto Fray’s Duality concerns how two men’s chance meeting causes the tides change, with what goes right for one man going terribly wrong for the other.

The Moreish Nature of Cytotoxic Antineoplastics is a black comedy by Gavin (Nige) Whitaker concerning a group of cancer patients coming to terms with their illnesses and an eccentric nurse helping them along the way.


Rosie Whisenant’s A Test For Teachers follows the story of a teacher forced to take a pregnancy test at work following a regrettable one-night-stand. Tensions arise and secrets are revealed until the staff room begins to look more like the playground.

Annelies de Jong’s Afterwards focuses on the sessions between a girl who has experienced major trauma and her therapist. Through their meetings, their relationship is explored, as well as how their time together affects each other.

The final play, chosen to represent NUTS at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, is Dale Pearson’s Splatter, a dark comedy in which an aspiring director and his two less than experienced actors attempt to make a horror film that doesn’t quite go according to plan.

This is NUTS’ last performance of the year, and promises to be a fantastic display of original student written and performed theatre – certainly not to be missed!