Annie Get Your Gun ☆☆☆☆½

It comes as no surprise that Charlie Burt’s directorial debut is as polished and energetic as her choreography.

This production of Annie Get Your Gun has substance to support its style. The pacing never lags, and the lyrical moments are given as much importance as the show-stopping production numbers (‘No Business Like Show Business’ is, of course, a highlight). Annie Get Your Gun tells the story of Annie Oakley, a backwater sharp-shooter whose skills with a gun threaten her blossoming relationship with former champion Frank Butler.

Any attempt at this musical is only ever as good as its leading lady, and in the capable hands of Rachel Slattery, Annie is as endearing as she is hilarious. The casting of the other roles is consistently strong, with Will Hunter convincingly arrogant (and in good voice) as Frank and Colette Hunter shimmying like a pro as the fantastically awful Dolly. Resisting the temptation of going through the entire cast list for praise, another standout for me was Ellie Dodsworth’s beautifully understated interpretation of ‘Moonshine Lullaby’. This production continues to bolster NUTS’ reputation for producing great musicals.

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