A Bedfull of Forigners

Despite being the second one-room farce in the NUTS season, A Bedfull of Foreigners was made fresh and consistently funny by its talented cast. Telling the story of two couples whose love lives are muddled together by a booking error, A Bedfull of Foreigners is an absurdly witty comedy, in which my only major gripe was that I found myself missing the next joke because I was laughing so much. In a hotel populated by Brits, Germans, the French and one Laplander/Mexican/Hungarian, hilarity, as one might expect, ensues.

Resisting the temptation to single out every performer for praise, my standouts were Dan Lockett, whose rapacious hotelier Heinz reduced the audience to fits of laughter with his facial expressions alone, and Jack Drabwell, whose Karak, a character of mysterious origins, was as mercurial and outrageous as could be hoped for. As a student production, the limited budget was put to creative use in the set design and costumes (when the actors were wearing them!), and the measured use of improvisation, in the denouement in particular, was a testament not only to the skills of the actors – amongst whom were several extremely promising NUTS debutants – but to the directorial taste of Jo Whitty. A thoroughly daft and thoroughly hilarious evening.