God of Carnage ☆☆☆☆

Harriet Sale of The Courier applauds the cast and crew of ‘God of Carnage’ for an outstanding production.

Earnest comedy often stems from capturing the mundane realities of life; think of the success of Michael McIntyre. The playwright, Yasmina Reza, equips God Of Carnage with a simple but witty script but this alone did not carry the polished NUTS performance.

One set and one hour in The Bridge Hotel was the effective staging of a civilized coffee to resolve two boy’s playground antics. However as the parents’ personalities evolve, the topic of conversation transcends their children and their differences disintegrate all order. Facades and hypocrisy frame a verbal battle covering misogyny, class and racism to name but a few, dividing not only the two sets of parents but the couples themselves. Whether this actually projects a cynical critique on Western civilization I just don’t know.

However, that said, the art of creating successful realism, comedy, and indeed staged chaos, is such high stylization that all elements of construction are dissolved. This is no mean feat but the under the craftsmanship of Hew Rous-Eyre and Max Elton and the committed performances of Richard Garrett, Annabel Niekirk, Jake Hodgkinson and India Brown a very quick, real and comedic show was pulled off.

There was nothing small or monotonous about this short and intimate scene of a play and the cast explored a full range of intonation, pitch and volume for contrast and convincing characters.

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