Henry V ☆☆☆☆

Henry V
St. Luke’s Church, 28th-30th November 2013

Sam Summers of The Courier applauds the success of the NUTS production of Shakespeare’s history, Henry V:

Despite often taking place during great wars, Shakespeare’s histories have a reputation for being among the least exciting of his plays, but Adam Stubbs and Dan Galvin directed a brilliantly kinetic production of Henry V aided by a game and energetic ensemble willing to throw themselves violently from one end of the stage floor to the other in the names of England and France, and some surprisingly intricate fight choreography.

Seating the audience so close to the action was an excellent decision, showcasing the impressive detail of the fights, the props, the costumes and the performances.

Despite excellent performances all around, it was doubtlessly James Heaford’s night. Hearford managed to imbue every line with not only the necessary authority, but with a blind rage which betrayed the young king’s immaturity and uncertainty. More impressive still, his skill reached beyond the battlefield and into the play’s comedic final act. Heaford and his co-star, the delightful Beatrice Henderson as the French princess Katharine, drew every ounce of comedy from the lines and brought the play to a satisfying conclusion.

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