No Sex Please, We’re British ☆☆☆☆☆

No Sex Please, We’re British
Northern Stage – Stage 3, 25th-27th November 2013

Lauren Hickin of The Courier gives NUTS a five star review for their hilarious production of No Sex Please, We’re British:

As a self-confessed theatre geek, I have seen about 23 plays this year, and plan at least five more before it’s done. It’s therefore no mean feat that director Lizzy Carr is to be congratulated for staging the funniest play I have seen, not only this year, but possibly in my whole life. This is not subtle Wildean wit or the sort of Shakespeare jokes that hit you a few seconds later – this is utterly British, utterly bonkers humour that had Stage 3 shaking with laughter. The casting for the production is spot-on, with fantastic performances from every actor with special mentions for leading lady Rachel Slattery, whose facial expressions merit their own credit in the programme, and Kate Beckwith, as the ultimate nightmare mother-in-law. The central struggle of Frances and Peter (along with their gauche friend Brian) to hide an ever-increasing supply of Scandinavian pornography from his mother-in-law, boss, and a suspicious chief inspector is played out with impeccable comic timing and – as I saw the last performance – genius moments of improvisation. No Sex Please is a classic farce in which everything that would possibly go wrong does, leading up to a hilarious finale involving some sleeping pills, a fire and two confused call girls.

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