Stage Rights ☆☆☆½

Adithya Sharanya of The Courier reviews the premiere screening of NUTS’s first short film, ‘Stage Rights’.

Not being from England means it has taken quite a while for me to get the jist of British films and their humor. Quirky and unapologetic are the two words I’d use to describe British humor and this short film achieves exactly that in the best way it can in approximately 30 mintues.

An amazingly professional looking mock-u-mentry produced and directed entirely by students, Stage Rights gets your funny bone from minute 1 to the end.

There is a very fine line between offense and humor; this film is at the borderline making use of stereotypes in a witty and entertaining way. What I liked best about the movie was the realistic way it dealt with theatre as a profession in spite of exaggeration in some scenes. I felt some of the characters could have been developed better, But overall a brilliant effort in the short time it had. I am definitely looking forward to a sequel if there’s one.

All in all NUTS yet again proves it indeed is one of the biggest and most active theatre societies in this country with a truly proficient show.

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