The Addams Family

I was unsure about how my Addams Family musical experience would go, when I found myself sat on a front row which left a large amount of uncertainty about where the stage began and where the seats ended. My friend and I spent our first few moments panicked that we potentially could be prime victims for some audience participation, the worst fear for any timid theatre fan.
I did not have any previous experience of The Addam’s Family musical or Northern Stage before I saw the Newcastle University Theatre Societiy’s (NUTS) production last Friday (20th February). The only previous association I had with the production was a bizarre cartoon from my childhood which would infrequently grace my TV show. So it is fair to say I went to the production with very little idea of what to expect. The only expectations I had, revolved around NUTS strong reputation and recommendations from students who told me about their previously entertaining performances NUTS definitely lived up to their reputation. The performance was committed, passionate and thoroughly enjoyable.
The storyline follows the eldest daughter Wednesday as she has to introduce her first love and his family to her family for the first time; an intimidating and frightening experience for anyone, but becomes even more complicated when your family has a “passion for the dark”. This spooky interpretation of a coming of age tale has hilarious consequences, made even better by a number of catchy songs and melodies. My personal favourites were “Addams family” , “Pulled”, “Full disclosure” and “Crazier than you”; all of which were added to my Ipod as soon as I returned home and have been replayed numerous times since the performance. I will write all these recommendations with a warning that excessive playing of these show tunes may annoy your flatmates. However, even whilst I have appreciated listening to the music since the performance, I have not enjoyed them as much since the show. I believe this change is due to the amazing live music and fantastic vocals of the cast as a whole. Moreover, the songs and the lines in the show took on particular significance with the incredibly strong comic timing of the entire cast. Daniel Lockett as Gomez Adams, Annabel Warncock as Wednesday and Jennifer Amey as Alice particularly shone in this area. Their performances were facilitated by a strong setting and a range of costumes. I particularly liked the ensembles costumes as they were central to the creation of the gothic setting which was a vital part of the quirky story line. My one negative of the entire performance was there were some unfortunate technological difficulties at the beginning of the second act where it was difficult to hear the cast over the live music, but this error was quickly resolved and we were able to enjoy the rest of the show. Either way, I will definitely purchase a ticket to the next NUTS performance and I would recommend you do the same