The Bad Seed

NUTS’ performance of “The Bad Seed” left us with some burning questions.
Does “the bad seed” apply to something evil within the seemingly good and innocent individual? Rhoda, the eight-year-old who is so bright, charming and lovely that she can’t leave anyone’s heart cold, eventually revealed as the cold-hearted one. Or is “the bad seed” something that is inherited within the family? Christine’s blurred recollections suggest that the latter might be true.
The performance, which took place at Theatre Royal, answered some questions while leaving me with others. How did they manage to be so natural and professional? This was the first time that I watched a performance of theirs and I was left amazed.
I was watching with both interest and genuine surprise at the way that the actors seemed to have been to play their characters. As well as the stellar choice of actors, the intimate atmosphere of the place made the audience feel more engaged with the story.
In the second part of the story, when Christine realises that her daughter might have inherited “the bad seed”, she becomes desperate and hysterical. Yet, the performance isn’t overwhelming or a test of endurance. On the contrary, the audience feels sympathy for Christine who goes through a tragedy that eventually leads to another one.

Review by Maria-Magdalena Manolova