The Thrill of Love

NUTS performed Amanda Whittington’s 2013 play, ‘The Thrill of Love’, from 30th – 2nd of December at The Cluny. Set in 1955, the piece tells the true life story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman in Britain to be hanged. Along with the fictional character of Detective Jack Gale, the audience follows the demise of Ellis as she progresses from a regular Gentlemen’s Club girl, to the killer of her own lover.
It’s fair to say that some nerves were apparent at first; however it didn’t take long for the cast to gain confidence and assume composure. Though told through an intricate narrative and reverse chronology, the story was easy to follow because of the clear delivery of lines and excellent portrayal of character by each cast member. The small-scale theatre created an intimate atmosphere, thus allowing a very personal, dynamic performance to ensue.

Mention must be given to Theo Harris, Charlotte Wood, and in particular, Sophie Benamara, who left the audience in stitches on numerous occasions with her one-liners. Nevertheless, credit must be given to all those involved, both cast and creative team; every person involved in the production received a great applaud from the audience – and rightly so. All-in-all, everything about the performance was professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in attending another NUTS production if the standards were this high.