Splatter by Dale J. Pearson
theSpace@Jury’s Inn – Venue 260, 2nd-17th August 2013

Actor and hypochondriac James Webb never liked horror films – quite frankly they’re scary. So he is less than happy when he finds himself in an abattoir in Estonia filming ‘Porkies’, the latest gore-fest by Bobby Parish. As production delays continue, Webb becomes increasingly paranoid and turns on those around him.
Why is there no film crew, why is there no script and WHY won’t Parish stop drinking Cherryade?
From Newcastle University comes Splatter, a comedy about those for whom horror is entertainment.

Directed by Rosie Whisenant
Fringe Presidents – Alice Sharman & Richard Speir

Bobby Parish – Dan Bradshaw
James Webb – Emil Franchi
Grace – Rachel Slattery

edfringereview.com: “Funny, different and new! Would definitely recommend”

Fringe Guru: “…one of the better student productions at this year’s Fringe”

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