NUTS Presents: Stage Rights

NUTS Presents: Stage Rights
Northern Stage – Stage 3, 22nd March 214

Newcastle University Theatre Society is proud to present its first short film about the trials and tribulations of modern theatre from stage right to stage left and all the bits in between.

Directed by Lizzy Carr
Produced by Jo Whitty

Technical Director – Fay Montlake

John Claude – Jack Drabwell
Maximus Luther Wentworth – Theo Harris
Sandrine – Charlotte Wood
Charles Hugh Featherby – Adam Creissen
Gina Martins – Grace Schulp
Jane Sullivan – Charlotte Roper
Sarah ‘Bubbles’ Bubble – Georgie Jakob
Alodie Mondoir – Mwansa Evans
Tracy – Rachel Duffy

Narrated by Dave Gibson

Screenings taking place at Northern Stage – Stage 3.

Show Times: 2:00, 3:30, 5:00 and 8:00.

Tickets £3 and available on the door.

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