The Taming of The Shrew

In Padua, Italy, the beautiful and mild Bianca has no shortage of suitors. Unfortunately for her she also has an older sister: the beautiful Katherina, whose charms are overshadowed by her sharp tongue. With his eldest daughter becoming known as the ‘shrew’ of Padua, Baptista, desperate to get the curst Katherine off his hands, declares a rule that Bianca cannot marry until her sister does. Cue the timely entrance of the boastful Petruchio who, searching for a wealthy wife, determines to pursue Katherina and tame her tempestuous temperament. Unwittingly underestimating each other’s nature, the pair collide in conflicts of words as they each finally meet their match and question the true picture of love and obedience in Shakespeare’s famous comic battle of the sexes.

Katherina: Sophie Sharp
Petruchio: Patrick Watson
Bianca: Caroline Simonsen
Lucentio: Elliot McClenaghan
Tranio: James Howlett
Grumio: Ryan Rochford
Hortensio: Harry Putnam
Gremio: Joe Pindar
Biondello: Sophie Crocker
Baptista: Solie Osman
Pedant: Tom Purvis
Vincentio: Chris Grayson
Curtis: Jade Dhesi

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Esther Fearn and Anna Simmonds
Poster by Luke W. Robson
Trailer by Craig Dingwell